a map of the world marked with where all heritage employees are from
One of the ways we celebrate our team’s diversity is through a map in one of our employee refresh rooms. Flag pins are placed across the map from Vancouver to Sudan to Lithuania to represent the places our team is from.


The diversity of our team is an achievement we proudly celebrate. It’s a value we promote, communicate, and live daily. Looking at the composition of our team, it is immediately apparent that we have representation from around the world, giving us access to a range of talent and skills which makes us unique, innovative, and able to achieve our goals.

We believe in hiring the right person for the job and have tailored our hiring practice to eliminate unintentional discrimination due to language and cultural barriers. For example, we incorporate practical components into our interviews which allow candidates to demonstrate their skills and knowledge rather than rely on their ability to articulate complex answers. This more accurately reveals how they would perform on the job and removes bias.

But without an inclusive workplace, we would have no means to harness the benefits of our diversity. We have developed cross-functional teams to resolve issues, improve working relationships and drive engagement, all through collaboration. Team members have a chance to give valuable insight to processes which they are intimately familiar with but would not otherwise have the ability to impact. It is an empowering experience as they become the voice for their whole department! Fluidity along with transparency between teams has been a crucial element in building our culture.

Most importantly, we continue to adapt and educate ourselves on how we can be better.