Reduce & Reuse

Our consultants can evaluate your furniture inventory and offer options for reuse, with a “zero landfill” goal in mind. The intent is for these used products to be placed back into service for reuse with other organizations, or due to the age or condition of the used products, be recycled into new usable products. There are many options from which to choose from with social, environmental, and economic benefits.

Heritage also helps businesses match their used office furniture with non-profit and charitable organizations.  This assists organizations to fit out their space and offers significant benefits to both donors and recipients.

Not going to the landfill

We work with local based recycling companies to ensure that all of our waste is dealt with in an environmentally responsible manner. All of the waste generated by Heritage on our own site, as well as our customers’, is kept out of the landfill.

When we recycle used furniture, we always work towards the best methods to break items into their ‘base’ components. We will strip all furniture to woods, metals, plastics, and any other items the furniture may consist of. This dismantling goes right down to nails.

Below is an example of a diversion report which has details on component breakdown: