Interactive Design Experience

Good Design –  The basis of good design is to be innovative, useful, aesthetic, unobtrusive and thorough down to the last detail. We utilize SmartTools software to make these concepts a reality. The client experience is elevated through live design which allows us to adjust concepts in real time which results in fewer revisions and allows clients direct involvement in the design process.

Come to life – The SmartTools software has a proprietary seamless integration with our order entry capabilities, so what you see is what you get. Any changes made to the design are instantly reflected in the bill of materials – simplifying the specification and order process.

smart tools graphics

Our Competitive Advantage

Heritage is the only dealer in the local market to have these capabilities.

To compare, our competition does not have any linkage between their CET and their dealers’ business systems. In addition, Steelcase dealers all utilize the Hedberg data system, while our competition in the local market does not have this kind of standardized system throughout their dealerships.

By using one proven business system which links directly to our CET designer program, Heritage and Steelcase maximize expediency in our order process without sacrificing accuracy.

Our designers would like to meet you

Heritage’s highly regarded team of certified, trained and dedicated space planners and designers will work with you to bring your ideas to life.

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