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Corporate Relocation

Heritage’s corporate relocation experts are ready to help you at every step of the way, ensuring an efficient, safe office move. We provide your company with an end-to-end move experience. We handle each stage of your move: from planning to execution, information gathering, project management and, of course, the physical move.

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Refurbish Services

Only Heritage Office Services has all its expertise in-house, and that includes our skilled service technicians. We refurbish (clean, condition and refinish) tired or scratched office furniture with fresh paint, new fabric or even wood refinishing. If you want a new office look without purchasing all new furniture, we can help!

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Space Planning & Reconfiguration

As your business changes, your office furniture can change with it. Our space planning team provides a wide range of services, from dismantling, moving, and then reassembling your workspaces, offices and meeting rooms, to making your office furniture more ergonomically and seismically sound.

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Featured Products

Node with ShareSurface

Node with ShareSurface is designed to foster a better shared healthcare experience for clinicians, patients and family members.

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Verb is an integrated collection of classroom furniture including tables, whiteboards, and instructor lectern and desk stations designed to support a full range of teaching and learning styles.

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the workplace is evolving. we'll help you keep up.

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Thread simplifies power distribution, providing power to the devices we use and the places where we work and learn.

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Brody WorkLounge

Brody WorkLounge features patented LiveLumbar™ technology—bringing thoughtful ergonomic design to the lounge posture.

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Campfire creates a modern office lounge where people want to meet and collaborate.

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By integrating furniture and technology, media:scape is reshaping the way people collaborate in a connected world.

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Highly customizable, Montara650 fills informal spaces with warm and appealing, café-style character.

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With Bivi benching it’s easy to add, subtract and rearrange your workstation anytime. If only work was this easy.

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Gesture is the first chair designed to support our interactions with today’s technologies, movement between devices and healthy postures.

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Buoy’s contoured base lets you tilt and swivel, engaging your core and encouraging active sitting posture.

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V.I.A. provides consistent and predictable visual detailing for a superior fit and finish.

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Additional Resources

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creative spaces

Microsoft and Steelcase are introducing all-new, immersive Creative Spaces that bring together place and technology, helping people generate new ideas and bring them forward. Each of these spaces is intentionally designed to support the needs of individuals and teams as they move through the different stages and activities of the creative process.

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Healthcare Solutions

Human connection is vital to a life of health and happiness. At Heritage and Steelcase Health, we believe it also has the power to heal. By observing the way patients, caregivers and loved ones interact, we gain insights into the physical and emotional process of healing.

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360 Magazine



For years, many have predicted the death of the office. Mobile technology allows us to work anywhere, so why do you need an office at all? Yet as the world becomes more complex, the places we work have never been more relevant. Work is a social activity and people need places to come together to solve problems. The office isn’t going away—it’s in the midst of a renaissance, where workplaces are becoming something fundamentally different.

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