Great design begins with your ideas.

Each of our designers has in-depth knowledge of all our furniture manufacturers’ product lines. Through design specification and implementation, we offer solutions that maximize your space, encourage growth, foster collaboration and meet any budget requirements.

We stay ahead of the curve.

As new advancements are made in design software technology, Heritage’s designers are trained to stay ahead of the curve, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions to our clients. We team up with Steelcase, Configura and ProjectMatrix to use Steelcase SmartTools, a 3D design and specification software. It combines Configura’s CET Designer with a catalog of Steelcase products and over 80+ other manufacturers. CET Designer allows us to focus on space planning and design through intuitive, 2D and 3D drag-and-drop functionality while the rules-based software handles complex calculations and verifies correct configurations. As a result, we can accurately design, specify, add specials, create parts lists, generate quotes, installation drawings and photo-realistic renders all in one program.

Leave nothing to the imagination.

See your space realized with our virtual reality rendering capabilities. Our skilled team is able to take the floor plan of your space and provide you with a 360-degree view to be immersed into. With this technology, we are able to simulate your real-life presence in a given space.

Know, in detail, what it feels like to walk into your space on day-one, and prepare your employees by allowing them to virtually experience their new space before they arrive. Experience your new workplace with no risk.

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