Creativity, and the creative process, can help alleviate stress & anxiety, boost self-esteem, enhance problem-solving skills, improve your brain function and it can make you happier. In the workplace, encouraging creativity among employees leads to greater innovation and a more positive workplace culture.

To foster creativity in the workplace, it starts with your space. For creativity and innovation to flourish, we must first provide a variety of spaces to encourage both individuals and groups to thrive.

Read on for our team’s favourite workplace solutions to foster creativity!

Steelcase Flex Acoustic Boundary and Whiteboard

steelcase flex acoustic boundary and integrated whiteboard

For fostering creativity in the workplace, look no further than the Steelcase Flex Collection. The Steelcase Flex Collection is a range of flexible and reconfigurable workplace solutions that are designed for dynamic, collaborative teams. The collection allows organizations to provide environments teams and individuals need to do their best work, and empowers people to adapt their space on demand.

One of our favourite products in this line is the Acoustic Boundary Screen with an integrated whiteboard. The multi-use acoustic boundary is a necessity in any busy team space. It provides acoustic performance, space division and a visual display area.

Orangebox Away From the Desk

orangebox away from the desk lounge system

The perfect collaboration space can be created anywhere, thanks to Orangebox. Away From the Desk is a soft upholstery system catered to the needs of our rapidly changing workplace. From the outset, as perhaps the name suggests, the aim of this collection was to offer a substantial and credible alternative to desk working.

As we migrate away from the fixed desk to a shared workplace, there is a need to facilitate both concentrated personal work and collaborative teamwork. Away From the Desk, comprised of over 70 components that can be endlessly configured, seamlessly integrates individual spaces with larger, more collaborative working configurations.

AMQ Amobi Collection

amq amobi collection

Combine Agility and Mobility and you get Amobi by AMQ! Amobi recognizes the need for rapid reconfiguration as workers move from collaborative to focused work throughout the day. The Amobi collection includes both Desk and Team products, which work holistically to create agile and mobile workspaces.

Amobi is a complete family of mobile products that support quick transitions from “me” to “we” spaces. This exclusive-to-AMQ offering meets the new demand for multi-modal, adaptable offices that maximize space utility and recognize the interdependence of individual, focused spaces and collaborative, iterative ones. Moving from fixed to fluid and meeting the needs of companies, teams and individuals, Amobi agile workspaces are reimagined to empower users to adapt their spaces to best suit them as needs change throughout the day and over time.

Steelcase Thread

steelcase thread power distribution system

We’ve all experienced some level of ‘low-battery anxiety’ when our devices aren’t quite up for the task at hand. Finding an outlet in the workplace can be challenging, especially if you’re fighting other co-workers for access! Steelcase Thread simplifies power distribution in the workplace, providing power to the devices we need for innovation in the places where we need it most. Its ultra thin design lays nicely underneath the carpet.

At a height of just 3/16″, Thread’s power track seamlessly integrates into a space, providing power to furniture and users, without impacting foot traffic. Thread’s simple kit of parts provides power to any space – whether in a café space or classroom – allowing under-utilized real estate to work harder. And, installing Thread is as easy as laying carpet, with modularity that makes it easy to reconfigure. Power can easily be added to new construction or retrofitted into existing spaces.

Steelcase Roam Collection

steelcase roam mobile media carts

Collaboration is crucial for creativity and innovation. Offering solutions in the workplace that assist collaboration is one way for organizations to ensure they are getting the most out of their employees. Steelcase Roam Collection, for the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S family of devices, allows teams to come together – even when working apart. Co-developed with Microsoft, the Roam system of mobile stands and easy-to-install wall mounts support large-scale collaboration. With a minimal design, Roam integrates seamlessly into any workspace. The stand is a familiar easel-style design, making it stylish and approachable for collaboration anywhere.

Moooi Hana

Moooi Hana lounge chairs and ottoman

Creativity is fostered through collaboration, but we also need to take breaks to recharge and rejuvenate our brains. The Hana Armchair by Moooi is sculptured around the human body and its need to be pampered, embraced and accommodated for long stretches of time. The generous, cute, subtly curves allow for hours of lounging to daydream, read a book and let your imagination fly. Hana allows users to create their own safe space, away from the hustle and bustle of the office, providing opportunity for moments of contemplation and ultimate relaxation.

Watson Haven Collection

watson haven collection

The workplace is rapidly changing with the increase in remote and hybrid work. But what about those moments of organic and spontaneous interactions that only happen in-person? Oftentimes, problems aren’t solved in planned ways, but as a result of impromptu conversations.

Haven by Watson is a collection of tables and tools designed to bring people together intentionally and purposefully. The workplace is transforming into a social haven for people and ideas to thrive, and Haven is designed for multiple work modes and settings to fit the needs of many users and many purposes for many years to come. Haven transforms the workplace into a social haven for people and ideas to thrive, and Haven does just that.

A well-designed space that fosters creativity will support all the different ways we work, bringing people and technology together to boost productivity, enhance wellbeing and build trust through face-to-face interactions. As organizations adapt to the changes they face while working through this pandemic, we have an opportunity to bring people together at a time they most need human connections and to help businesses move forward.

Our team of workplace experts are here to help you create the best hybrid work experience worth your commute. Contact us today!

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