Plexiglass screens and other dividers can help define space and encourage social distancing

The pandemic has brought to light the need for the workplace to play a role in mitigating the risk of COVID-19. Leading organizations are eager to welcome employees back to the workplace, but must take steps to ensure a safe return.

The addition of space division and physical barriers is one of the quickest and most effective ways to enhance your office space to reduce risk and make your employees more comfortable with their return.

Plexiglass and Acrylic Barriers

custom made plexiglass barriers for reception stations

Grocery stores during the pandemic were the quickest to adopt plexiglass screens during the pandemic to keep employees and customers separated, while the clear screens still allowing customers and employees to interact and maintain a human connection. Throughout the pandemic, other industries quickly adopted this strategy, in restaurants, reception stations and hospitals.

Plexiglass and acrylic barriers provide a physical barrier between individuals while also encouraging physical distance, offering an extra layer of protection against the COVID-19 virus. They are also easily cleaned, with soap and water or a compatible disinfectant.

Throughout the pandemic, plexiglass and acrylic sales have soared, reflecting the increased need for these physical partitions. Heritage Office manufacturers custom plexiglass screens to suit any application.

Privacy and Desk Screens

AMQ felt desk mounted screens at a 4 pod workstation

To provide both privacy and a sense of safety for employees working at their workstations, consider adding a desk-mounted screen. They enhance both privacy and productivity for employees and are simple to reconfigure as needed.

Desk mounted screens like the 3form Desk Partition integrate seamlessly into existing office layouts. The divide personal workspaces, enhancing safety for individuals without compromising design. They can be made with a clear acrylic or resin material, or with a fabric to provide extra privacy for users, as well as some sound absorption. AMQ’s 3F Screens and Clips support a variety of desk shapes and configurations, and are made from 50% recycled plastic water bottles!

Freestanding Space Division

freestanding space division products create an impromtu team meeting space

One of the main reasons employees want to go back to the office is to collaborate with co-workers. We all miss that human connection that comes from working together, something we lack while working at home. Organizations will want to consider creating more team spaces in their office layouts. Freestanding screens, such as the Steelcase Flex Acoustic Boundary, allows employees to create their own team spaces as needed, while also improving acoustic performance and provides an option for a visual display area for creative brainstorming and planning.

Freestanding screens like the Turnstone Clipper are easily user-deployable and reconfigurable, because of their lightweight construction and magnetic closing system. They are also made of a tackable material, allowing teams to make notes or customize a space with personal photos. These screens can also provide a quick individual focus space on demand.

For creating team spaces on demand, consider creative solutions like mobile whiteboards, like the Clarus go!Mobile. These whiteboards can act as a physical barrier while also encouraging collaborative activities between employees.

When looking for the right way to bring employees back to the office, consider what employee needs you are addressing. The addition of the right space division and other physical dividers can help ensure your employees return to a healthy work environment while also offering them choice and control over where and how they work.

Heritage Office is here to help you navigate this confusing time. Our team of workplace experts is ready to assist you every step of the way. Contact us today!

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