Many of us have questions about the role the office will play in the new world of work. With the majority of organizations planning to experiment with various hybrid workplace models, with employees working partially in the office and partially remotely, the office will need to change to accommodate a wider range of user needs than ever before. With the future of work constantly in flux as a result of the global pandemic, how do you prepare for the unpredictable?

Building in flexibility to your workplace is a great way to start. We know that people want to come back to the office, as we miss the collaboration opportunities and socialization with co-workers that being together can bring. But we also still need space to focus and perform heads-down work – and we know that video calls aren’t going away, so we also need spaces that have acoustic performance so we’re not bothering our neighbours every time we need to jump on a Zoom call.

The Benefit of Office Pods

orangebox single person pods and a meeting room size pod

Office pods are a great solution to the hybrid workplace. Phone booths can provide individuals with spaces to take phone or video calls, while larger pods can provide on-demand meeting spaces for small teams, minimizing disruptions in an open office plan. Pods can move with your business as it inevitably changes.  And one of the biggest benefits of pods is how quickly they can be installed. Construction or drywall for an enclosed space could take a long time. But many pods offered today install in half-a-day.

Accommodate a variety of user needs by providing a range of pod sizes, including phone booths for private conversations and larger pods that give smaller groups comfortable conference seating to collaborate without interruption.

Freestanding Meeting Rooms for Teams

orangebox pod with two lounge chairs and a laptop table inside for casual meetings

One of the main reasons people have given for wanting to come back to the office is to collaborate and socialize with their teams. We miss the human interaction that has been lacking while working at home, and the innovation that comes with collaborating in person. Pods designed to house small groups, such as the Orangebox Air3 acoustic pod can provide a reconfigurable, modular meeting room, acting as a freestanding meeting room, private space, phone booth or touchdown room. Because of its interchangeable panels, organizations can promote their own unique branding through its design. Pods like this often include air circulation and options for integrated technology, so employees can use these as hybrid meeting rooms to connect with remote co-workers.

Phone Booths for Individual Focus

two single loop phone booth style office pods against a wall

Phone booths are a perfect solution for virtual communication and provide space for focused tasks, while reducing noise and distractions in the open office. They are also highly mobile, helping organizations make the most out of their workspace. Phone booths or individual pods provide the advantages of private rooms without committing to a permanent change to the office layout so organizations can provide spaces for fluctuating numbers of employees without the need for additional infrastructure.

Pods like the Loop Phone Booth improve productivity of open-concept offices, allowing workers to take private phone or online calls without occupying conference rooms or having to wander far from their work station. Offered in a wide range of finishes, Loop Phone Booths and meeting pods are high quality, fully customizable furniture fit for any open interior space. They’re also one of our team’s favourite products, as we love the fact that Loop is a Canadian company, with quality design and craftsmanship. “It’s a fantastic booth from a Canadian manufacturer,” says salesperson James Holmes. “Lots of customization options, and a great price point.”

two ornagoebox single office pods in a workspace

Phone booths are incredibly popular spaces for a quick call instead of using the stairwell or hallway or even worse, walking around the office.  In fact, phone booths can be loved a little too much in an open-office plan where privacy is at a premium. Another newer option to the phone booth landscape is the Orangebox On The QT Pod. On the QT phone booths strive to strike the balance between the need for efficient space and workable comfort. They also come in a standing and seated height to accommodate different work styles.

The hybrid workplace must be able to promote creativity and collaboration while still providing places for focus and privacy. Whether you need a little peace and quiet or you need a place where your group can speak freely without disrupting your neighbors, pods can help to create an ecosystem of spaces to support employees throughout the hybrid workplace.

Not sure where to start? Take this quiz to determine which pod might be right for your needs!

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