How do you know you are getting the most out of your office space? Do you notice the same spaces tend to sit empty or are underused, while others are always overcrowded? The average size of office space per employee is shrinking, so it is more important than ever that business leaders make the most out of valuable real estate.

Here are two ways to ensure your office is performing at its best:


Steelcase Flex Mobile power unit on a desk powering two laptopsEnd battery anxiety:

Nothing can disrupt your workflow like seeing the low-battery signal pop up on your device. Battery anxiety (also known as ‘nomophobia’) is a real thing, and it can be extremely disruptive in the workplace, especially if you’re spending valuable time searching for the one power outlet in a busy conference room. Gone are the days where note-taking in a meeting meant bringing in a pad of paper and a pen – we all are reliant on our smart devices for productivity.

With the rise of ancillary and ‘third places’ in the workplace, teams and individuals need the freedom to work in a range of spaces, but access to power limits where they can go. With products like Steelcase Flex Mobile Power, people can charge their laptops or other personal devices anywhere, so they never have to worry about where and how they will stay powered up. The first of its kind enterprise-level, high-capacity mobile power solution allows workplaces to become more fluid and for teams to work wherever they need to.


People in a meeting sharing information over a media scape screenMake collaborative meetings more efficient:

We’ve all been in that meeting: the presenter is struggling to share their screen, the sound on the video-conferencing solution isn’t working and someone with remote access has forgotten to mute their microphone. Meeting room technology is meant to make our working lives easier, and investing in that technology is something business leaders shouldn’t avoid. In an era where the need to innovate and produce creative business solutions is at an all-time high, meeting room technology can make-or-break necessary collaboration between teams. Project teams play a key role in that innovation process. Organizations rely on both multi-discipline and functional group collaboration to generate new ideas, improve existing processes, and create intellectual property. These active project teams need an environment that is just as fluid as they are. One that removes both physical and virtual barriers, allowing them to freely engage with both analog and digital tools, creating an environment optimized for active collaboration.

Solutions like media:scape aim to make your meetings less painful and more efficient. By integrating technology and furniture, media conferencing tools bring people, space and information together to enhance productivity and help groups excel. Media:scape offers organizations the chance to customize their solution to best meet their collaboration needs, from sharing wirelessly in a small huddle room, to a team brainstorm over video. Effective collaboration — informational, evaluative, generative — depends on equal access to both analog and digital information, a seat at the table and a view of the screen for each participant, and the ability for every user, no matter where they’re located, to join in the collaborative process.


Utilizing technology in the workplace is not an option; all businesses must adapt to the changing nature of work, and providing your employees with the technology to succeed ensures your office space will work as hard as you do.

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