Heritage's commitment to the environment is total and measurable.

We believe corporate sustainability is about creating the economic, social and environmental conditions that allow people and communities to thrive. We encourage employee initiatives and implement corporate solutions that protect and enhance the environment. From low-emission interiors to LEED-rated products, we are committed to sustainability in every area of our organization—and of yours. Of course, our practices include a robust recycling program. We recycle 80 yards of corrugated cardboard each month and 100 tons of metal each year. Half the material removed from chairs during reupholstery is recycled and reintroduced into the industry. Aluminum chair bases are recycled and our furniture pads are manufactured with reclaimed material. Used carpet is collected and transported for break down & recycling.

We work with our clients to choose sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Our move services use re-usable totes as an alternative to cardboard boxes. On-site storage modules reduce the transportation needs for storage of items. And most of the packing material that does end up in our distribution centre is recycled. We can recycle client’s old furniture and can provide each client with a measurement of how many pounds of their office furnishings is diverted from the landfill because of our proactive environmental program.