2023 Trends: Our Favourite Sustainable Workplace Solutions

Sustainability is no longer just a corporate buzzword. A sustainable workplace is essential to reduce the carbon footprint and create a healthier planet. It’s our collective responsibility to adopt eco-friendly practices and make a difference. From reducing waste to promoting green transportation, there are many things organizations can encourage in order to benefit the environment…

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Powering Productivity and Flexibility in 2023: Technology in the Hybrid Workplace

it’s clear by now that the hybrid workplace is here to stay. With a mix of remote and in-person work becoming the norm for many companies, technology has become an essential tool for staying connected and productive. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of technology in the hybrid workplace. Facilitating Hybrid Collaboration Firstly,…

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a desk with a fabric wrap to dampen sounds

Top Five Solutions to Help you Work Better in 2023

With all the uncertainty surrounding returning to the office and the era of hybrid work, one thing is for certain: the office will never go back to what it was. In order to reposition the office as a destination where employees want to be, organizations will want to provide a variety of spaces designed for…

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setting with natural elements like floral wallpaper, wooden table and plants surrounding a lounge setting

2023 Workplace Trends: Promoting Employee Wellness in the Hybrid Workplace

As companies start to encourage their employees back to the workplace, many people are hesitant to return to a traditional office setting. Organizations can best bring employees back to the office by incorporating workplace design that prioritizes employee wellness. Recent research has shown that certain design elements can have a positive impact on employee wellbeing…

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7 Workplace Solutions to Foster Creativity and Innovation

Creativity, and the creative process, can help alleviate stress & anxiety, boost self-esteem, enhance problem-solving skills, improve your brain function and it can make you happier. In the workplace, encouraging creativity among employees leads to greater innovation and a more positive workplace culture. To foster creativity in the workplace, it starts with your space. For…

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a collaboration space with plastic looking stacking stools arranged throughout

6 Unique Workplace Solutions That Will Earn Your Commute

To make the workplace commute-worthy, offer a variety of spaces to support and inspire your employees With organizations bringing people back to the office, they are realizing that many employees aren’t yet willing to give up the comforts of home for a long commute back to an office that no longer meets their needs. Companies…

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two stools made from recycled material outside of a building under a large cherry tree

2022 Trends: Top 5 Sustainable Workplace Solutions

At Heritage Office, we believe providing the best solutions for our customers begins by ensuring they’re the best solutions for our environment. For Earth Day 2022, we wanted to highlight some of our favourite sustainable workplace solutions. Steelcase Perch Stool: Designed for Circularity Through a partnership with BASF, Steelcase Flex Perch is the first furniture product…

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Does the Workplace Earn Your Commute?

The changing nature of work and the need to attract and retain talent is creating a paradigm shift in the world of workplace culture and office design. After our great working-from-home experiment, employees expect more from their workplace. More needs to be done if organizations want to earn people’s commute. The role of the office…

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esports room with computers, chairs and screens

2022 Education Trends: Esports & Gaming

As schools look to attract new students and provide engaging opportunities for those not typically participating in traditional athletics or clubs, they might consider the ever-expanding world of esports. The world of competitive video gaming is a fast-growing international phenomenon with millions of fans and participants. Research shows that participation in school activities improves student…

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Steelcase Flex Collection featuring mobile furniture for individuals and teams

2022 Workplace Trends: Flexible Furniture for the Hybrid Workplace

The past few years have brought a lot of uncertainty to the world of work. The pandemic has forced us into a large working from home experiment, with varying levels of success. As organizations look to bring employees back to the office, they must be prepared to offer an ecosystem of spaces that allow employees…

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