The hybrid workplace is here to stay. How can organizations create the best possible hybrid work environment?

According to research from Steelcase, sixty-eight per cent of global organizations are planning to experiment with hybrid work, allowing employees to work partly in the office and partly at home. Even companies who will primarily be in the office will encounter hybrid work — some partners, suppliers and customers will expect to connect over distance — and that means people will be collaborating with a blend of remote and co-located teammates more than ever before.

To create the best possible hybrid work environment, organizations will want to offer a range of spaces and technology solutions. What products can help facilitate a thoughtful hybrid workplace design?


Post & Beam

post and beam framework defining a team collaboration space

Post & Beam is an architectural framework that allows you to configure a wide range of hybrid workplace environments. The flexible design allows for a breadth of work settings within a given space, all of which have the same cohesive architectural look. Post and Beam fosters productive work, crafting a balanced environment that satisfies the need for both individual tasks and collaboration. Define open spaces for teaming, collaboration and everything in between.

Power, data and cable management components can be easily added or subtracted, offering the ultimate flexibility.

Loop Phone Booths

two loop phone booths in an open hybrid office environment

Offices will need to adjust to meet the flexibility that comes with the hybrid workplace by creating spaces designed for group work and collaboration and providing individual focus spaces for the types of virtual communication that have become so abundant during the pandemic. That’s where Loop comes in! Loop Phone Booths are private soundproof pods designed for increasingly hybrid work environments. The features and functions of these flexible office pods improve whichever space you occupy and can move with your business as it changes and grows. Office pods like Loop Phone booths also provide extensive customization to allow you to embrace your brand personality and make a statement in your office for both staff and clients.

Flex Active Frames

Flex active frames storage and space division in a hybrid workplace

Create productive, flexible and inspiring homes for hybrid collaboration with Flex Active Frames. Not only are they designed to divide space, their multi-use functionality creates ideal spaces for teams to do their best work. They give team spaces privacy and shelter from a busy corridor. And they can help make an ancillary space higher performing. Add doors and locks to create personal lockers, or increase the height and width for more privacy in a space. Active Frames can support a wide ranges of needs in the open office. Designed to be utilized across the hybrid workplace, Active Frames make it easy to make the open plan the best it can be.

Work Tents

tents that serve as focus spaces in the hybrid workplace

Every now and again, two seemingly divergent ideas work together – cue offices and tents. Steelcase Work Tents is a collection of versatile privacy solutions – inspired by tents, designed for the hybrid workplace. From simple screens to small enclosures, Work Tents provide privacy and shelter in the Hybrid office – in an unexpected and delightful way. The concept of Work Tents is rooted in the human desire to seek shelter and protection from natural elements. Recreational tents provide safety and a haven of security in uncertain outdoor conditions, and now Work Tents provide people in the office with the same shelter and protection they now crave.


Two gesture task chairs at a benching workstation

Arguably the most important part of any office set up is a quality task chair. With the rise of Hybrid work environments resulting in less assigning seating and more hoteling or hot-desking allowing employees to reserve spaces that suit the work they are doing on any given day, the importance of a task chair that can meet a variety of user needs is crucial. Enter Gesture, the task chair that was designed to support the widest range of users.

The changing nature of work has also affected our postures. As work has become more collaborative and mobile our postures have shifted. Gesture supports the greatest range of postures. Gesture changes shape and mimics the natural motion of the spine, creating the deepest recline. Adaptive bolstering allows Gesture’s seat to contour to the size of any user providing customized comfort.

As organizations begin to collaborate in new ways, the workplace will continue to evolve. Our team of workplace experts are here to help you create the best hybrid work experience. Contact us today!

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